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The Legend Continues…


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Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling and Diving Tour With The Falla

Falla Reef Trips is a 1 Day Sailing Tour to the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling and diving along the way. This is not your typical tour, the Falla is a wooden pearl lugger bristling with decades of history. The Owner and Captain of this magnificent vessel is “Doug” you can meet him in a short video below. You will soon see why this tour is not only famous for the boat but the owner/captain as well. This professional and friendly crew will take you away from the crowds and to some of the best snorkel and dive locations the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. If you need convincing check out the reviews for Falla Reef Trips on TripAdvisor, like the reviews state you will find this tour one of the best and most informative you have done so far . We will see you soon on the Falla

Sail – Dive – Snorkel

Average 12 – 22 Guests

Prices starting from


Falla Reef Trips is the only Pearl Lugger running tours to the Great Barrier Reef

 100% locally owned and operated

The “Falla” – A Day on the Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling and Diving

Falla Reef Trips Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling and Diving Tour commences after morning tea and coffee, with a leisurely sail from Cairns. Once you arrive at the Great Barrier Reef you will be overwhelmed by the pristine Coral Gardens teaming with a myriad of colourful Tropical Fish. Enjoy the freedom to swim, snorkel or dive. After a tropical smorgasbord lunch we arrive at our second shallow water location, Upolu Cay / sandbar, where you can spend the afternoon exploring the surrounding reef, stretch your legs or continue with your swimming or snorkelling. Our professional and experienced crew will be on hand to assist you wherever they can. Relax as we catch the sea-breeze for our homeward sail and be entertained by tales of fascinating history of the ‘Mighty Falla’ whilst enjoying afternoon snacks with our complimentary wine. The perfect way to end your Great Barrier Reef Tour.

Meet the FALLA, and the Owner / Captain Doug

 Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling

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Falla Reef Trips Includes:

  • Welcome aboard tea and coffee
  • 2 magnificent reef locations – Coral Gardens & shallow water Upolu Cay
  • Sumptuous tropical lunch
  • All snorkelling equipment – including prescription masks
  • Personalised snorkelling lessons – Never snorkelled before? We’ll gladly teach you!

  • Reef interpretation talk followed by:
  • The World Famous ‘Falla’ snorkel tour
  • Average 12-22 guests – high crew/guest ratio
  • Complimentary wine and snacks as we sail home
  • Hands on sailing
  • 4 hours on the reef


Introductory Scuba Dive – $85 2nd Scuba Dive – $35 Certified Dive – $65 2nd Certified Dive – $35 Wet Suit / Stinger Suit Hire – $7 Also available: Refreshments, ‘Falla’ T-shirts

Experience of a Lifetime

Traditional sailing at its best !

10 Tips Before you Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

  1. To see if the mask is the right size, put the mask to your face and take a deep breath through your nose. If the mask sticks to your face it’s sealed up and is good to go. If the mask falls down try another one
  2. Your fins should be comfortably.make sure there is no sand inside the fins as this can rub on your feet
  3. Wet your face and hair before putting on your mask this will reduce the risk of fogging.
  4. Defog your mask frequently with washing or ask the crew for help
  5. The mask strap sits on the back of your head near the top crown keep the strap tight but not to tight that it is uncomfortable
  6.  Try breathing through the snorkel before you enter the water , take time to adjust to breathing through your mouth
  7. If water gets in your snorkel ,send a solid breath of air through to clear the water. this will send any water out the top of your snorkel.
  8. Be aware of the angles of your head you do not want the top of the snorkel in the water.
  9. In the water just relax, breath through your mouth and remember to float 🙂
  10. Always be careful of the coral, it is very fragile and kicking fins especially can cause breakages

The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to poor weather conditions or mechanical problems, or use another vessel or select sites used. It is essential that you keep your phone with you or an eye on your email within 24 hours of scheduled departure in case of the unlikely event of any changes. The company is not responsible for personal items brought onboard.